the lemonade is without fault

Rhetoric differs from life in that human perception becomes subservient to language because it controls the way content is consumed. I created a narrative for The Sims in which aggressively subtle insinuation guides the player through the game. The player lives the life of a character who was there before he got there, a character with […]

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Procedural Rhetoric Project

I will be working with Dan and Zoey for the collaborative portion of this project. We’re thinking of modifying the narration portion of the life simulation game, The Sims. We want to replace the game’s jargon with plot-advancing dialogue.  The game lacks any defined goal, but deliberate dialogue could advance the character motivation aka move […]

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upsetting semiotic requirements

Journalistic writing has some upsetting requirements. Grammatical semiotics seem to have quite the upper hand. It’s a shame because I thought they were on my side. The grammatical close-talkers insist that I write legibly and with a polite, forthright and properly guided undertone– one that I do not traditionally offer. Hyphens are encouraged under indecipherable premises– apparently their use […]

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my everyday experience: textually concerned and detail-oriented. semiotic domains are seeping through skin, through day to day life– in 2,000 word assignments and adulterous journalistic writing. my english language ropes are immoderately tugged and i am unfairly  restrained by semiotic complexes– by grammatical whips and chains. i am awarded 13/20’s. consistently. journalistic writing limits the synapses and i– […]

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A/V Project class reflection

The writing portion of this project was undoubtedly the best part. I liked consulting my unconscious and making the insignificant relevant. We had two recording sessions because on the first round, we undermined our intentions by being too transparently sarcastic. I believe it turned out better the second time because by toying with a misplaced […]

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A/V Project

Our intentions for the “No More” campaign parody were as follows: social media’s prevalence has given it an undue sense of urgency, prompting people to share their lives aggressively. By consulting both the appearance and the emotion of the “No More” campaign, we hoped to ironically denote social media’s insignificance. For contribution purposes, I focused on the glaring evidence […]

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